I earned my PhD in the Department of Sociology at Purdue University. I also did graduate coursework at Indiana University, Bloomington.
I also earned an MSW from The University of Utah.


My substantive interests are strongly shaped by the epistemology of social psychology. Criminologically, my work examines how self processes shape deviant behavior.


I teach courses in Criminal Justice, Social Work, and Sociology; grounded in the social psychological aspects of moral / value development across the life-course. Link to Weber State University Sociology faculty page.


I completed a master of social work degree at the University of Utah; pursuing primary interests in mental health counseling. My clinical work focuses on existential psychotherapy.

About me

I am a Social Psychological Criminologist.

Most often, I study and teach about the Social Psychological aspects of deviant behavior.

There are many areas to this website covering my academic interestes and activities. This ePortfolio is also a part of the:

Associate Professor of Sociology

First and foremost, I am a Sociologist with an epistemological lens shaped by the social psychology of Self and Identity.


I trace my focus back through the nineteenth century pragmatist movement, and specifically the Chicago school contributions to George Herbert Mead.


As a Sociologist I approach Social Psychology from a Symbolic Interaction (SI) tradition beginning with Weber’s notion of verstehen.


I have made extensive use of the work of Shalom Schwartz to contextualize the social psychology of values. Check out this recent article I published in CCJLS.


The social psychology of  deviance, grows out of SI + learning + self- & social control theories of behavior; fundamental ideas exemplified by: Heimer and Matsueda.


Across my years in the academe, I have had the great pleasure of working with amazing colleagues and students. It’s a privileged life, one I find simultaneously rewarding and frustrating.

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